@2019 by whosannah

Andrew & Beverley

From meeting this Bridal Couple for the first time, I was excited to have the celebration of their fairytale take place in one day, you basically don't have the option to not love living this life when you've done coffee with these two, with adventurous hearts and exciting aspirations, the even better part is how they compliment each other in wanting just the best for the other. I have never seen a bridal team be such good friends, NO, BESTIES, like these two! It being one of my longing desires, I was a constant: "AWWW!" Fairytales DO exist and in the words of Beverley: it really WAS a "life-changing" experience for me!

Another beautiful and inspiring set of relationships was what they hold with their closest friends or rather: sisters/brothers. from Marvel Comic supporting to Mexican Sky dancing, they found and appreciate friendships that one can be jealous of!

They got married at Imperfect Perfection in Tiegerpoort just outside Pretoria. And had the brilliant idea of having their guests delight in bite-sized gourmet burgers, and you didn't even have to choose, each guest received a well presented platter with not only "chicken or beef?" but a lamb option as well. GREAT SUCCESS.

The guests were an obvious delight and I had to, at more than one occassion, pinch myself from staring(with a huge smile, no, I LAUGHED!) at the dance moves and excitement that went around on the dancefloor. ONCE AGAIN: no serious injuries were obtained on the dancefloor - that I know of.

Go have a look at their day put to motion here, if you missed it.


OC, Bev,

You guys are just beautiful. thank you so much for being an absolute inspiration as to believing that fairytales do exist! You are my favourite pair of english speaking folk, haha, 'cause man, no matter the amount of times I stumbled over correct grammer(might find some here...) and searching for words - I always felt completely comfortable being me, around you! I LOVE what you have and wish you many years of friendship as what I got to witness in every meeting! Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL day!