@2019 by whosannah

Andrew & Marna

OH WOW! Where to start.. I am keenly busy with a relocating process of moving to Cape-Town, and days like these make me realise why! This time ‘round I can’t give all the credit to the people of the Western Cape, because about 80% of the guests, well it seemed that way, was from Botswana(if you didn't know - people from Botswana are GREAT!), so one thing was clear... if I had to relocate for people - I’d choose Botswana! What a beautiful bunch of crazily fun people! Put them in a majestic setting with an endless horizon, a private family porch, between walks and walks of eager grapes(ALSO: WINE - LOADS OF IT) and you have an eventful day indeed. A BEAUTIFULLY eventful day! Did I mention the wine...? And did I mention endless amounts... hehe?


The Blessing was set for noon, and the celebration started immediately afterwards. Let’s be honest, I was thinking how much wine can one consume, dances can they dance, and laughs can they have before the night, even late afternoon, come to a close, apparently the boundaries are like the horizon, who knows where it ends. The dance floor was in constant motion, the beautiful lawns and rose garden settings were all too perfect for an after (magnificent) lunch chill, before more shenanigans were heading our way on the dance floor, after a Private Band: Newton & Co. sang some of the greatest song choices I’ve heard in a while, they had the music covered with a DJ after the live entertainment left as the sun went down and sunset nightcaps weren't going to nightcap this crew! Ooh, it was fun. I love people that love life!



You, hopefully, know how much I enjoyed this celebration with you. Your kind hearts get me and it was the greatest pleasure to be the one to share in the intimate and exclusive celebration of a beautiful love story. PS, will definitely be visiting Maun(said in my best 'Botswanian' accent) Enjoy the moments as much as I did, getting to capture them.

Sincere LOVE