So here it is, all of us have our extremely excitable friends, that you dearly admire for it seems nothing can bring them down, all of us have friends that find delight in the littlest of things, in every day life, in what seems ordinary, in smells, in colour(more specifically - PINK, you can guess this yourself though..), in glitter, but really pleasured by it! Extatic to be alive in that moment! This is my Carlie, and now she got to choosing one of the loveliest guys I have met to date. With his soft approach and genuine, sometimes nervous smile, I felt completely safe just being myself. I think when someone - out of nowhere - says: "I am going to do a Burpie now"... or a squat - you know you can be yourself around them... I also felt complete security, when I imagine their future together! With this one liner on my mind: "They are clothed in Strength and Dignity and they laugh without fear of the future..."


Because they indeed - are a winning Team - absolutely Admired!


They got married at a Strawberry Farm - called Lakelands - just onwards with Lynnwood Road, Pretoria, just as I expected with a "dash" of different - they held their Service by a River, walking distance from the Farm. Of course - the beautiful symbolic site this was - it had me ever emotional.


With just the right amount of respect, love, realness(cos not even calling it sincerity make it seem real enough...), and of course PINK - it was the perfect celebration, ANDDD- how can I forget - Pancakes with endless options of fillings! WHAT? And from the photos you will be able to gather that she was the ultimate dancing bride! Nothing new - I don't think she's ever heard of the word; dull!


My liewe liewe Gerber-span!

Ek is werklik oorweldig - jul baklei vir die waarde in hoe veilig jul is en mag wees bymekaar laat my juig! Ek is so lief vir jul verhouding en is oortuig dat een van die kosbaarste dinge in jul samesyn en "samespan" is, is dat jul dit elke dag vir mekaar WIL skep! Julle word ge-admireer hoor? OPGEWONDE oor jul pad!

Man, okay, dis al, geniet hom dan sien ons net weer bietjie later...


Leanne(want jul is twee van die min weird mense wat my nog op my naam noem, hehe)


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