Bradley & Alesia

Well this was an exciting day to say the least, nestled away nearby Tzaneen, the exquisite Alesia and her fragile(5am-the-previous-night-fragile) Bradley decided to say their vows at the Coach House. Arriving the previous day, getting to enter what seems to be a complete other world, oh how I love South Africa, I became all the more excited to see what this day would become. Starting off with great weather, all were excited and calm, but as the day progressed, the winds picked up and sent us some nerve wrecking clouds, as the evening celebration was set-up in the outdoors. Alesia entered a comfy chapel where her Bradley awaited her, no amount of harsh and unforseen weather could wipe the smile off this bride's face, the guests will know this in how when she was asked: "Repeat after me," her reply, was: "I do!" Such a beautiful thing when a heart can't contain itself from love.

After a while, except for a teeth chattering cold shoot with the Bridal Couple, the weather showed some generosity from rain and the only solution, apart from fires and heaters that were stacked with people, was; TO DANCE! And so they did! No cold breeze could've intimidated these pair of hearts and their excited friends and families. A Great success indeed.


Soveel soveel pret saam jul gehad, en opgewonde oor nog 'n slag binnekort. Dankie vir 'n lekker geleentheid waarin ek kon deel. GENIET!

Baie Liefde



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