Christiaan & Rozanne ​


I know every person has their own perfect idea of what makes a couple a lasting one. One that make each other better in every way, the manner and methods in which we approach to reach this ever miraculous phenomenon, is endless, friendship, equality, beliefs, adventure - same hearts, joined laughter in itself and the list goes on. To me, I will forever believe that passion provides the best method of achieving this, all of this! Passion allow for brutal honesty, it allows for getting angry but not being able to go to sleep without a good night kiss. It allows one to forgive more fiercely, love more intensely, give more freely. Passion isn't a whirlwind of emotions tucked away in one body, rather passion is the most creative workforce of emotions, placed within one human being to love another one as if they were the only person that ever existed. TO ME - these two have obvious passion that make me believe in that type of love. 

Set on a Protea Farm, just outside of Pretoria, Christiaan and Rozanne decided to say their “I do’s” at the beautiful Harmonie Proteas. Endless walks of plantations, and man, there was variety... that I didn’t even realise existed in the Protea family, offered a magnificent setting for these wild and passionate hearts.  


Christiaan, Rozanne,

net weer, dankie vir als wat jul weergee in hoe jul mekaar hanteer en lief het voor. Ek is opgewonde oor die manier waarop jul mekaar hanteer, ons bly individue en die manier waarop jul die ander een oplig vir presies wat hul is. 


Geniet mekaar - ALTYD!

Baie liefde 


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