Thys & Laneze

"By the way, I am wearing the smile you gave me."


The Sweetheart feeling I get when I go through these images is something I fear no image will ever capture. Shannon couldn't be more excited to see her Justin at the end of the aisle. She has thee most gracious face and approach to everthing she does, and she captures you with her natural beauty, it is quite easy to see how Justin couldn't wait any longer to make the beautiful decision of marrying her. 


They got married within a private setting, next to the Vaaldam, just outside Oranjeville. With dear friends and family that made this intimate celebration possible, from the location, to the décor, each ribbon, hair and make-up(although not too much make-up was needed) everyone present was part of this picturesque day. 


All-and-all, the perfect day, the weather of course, always some sort of influence it has... was just kind to offer us all the many emotions that goes together with the combination of open air moments to intimidatingly dark clouds, little(sarcasm) bit of rain, and ended off to be a starry starry night. Also, I have to include this, having a Groom singing "How do you do" by Roxette to his new Bride - makes for an unmissable event that made me even more happy to be alive on this day! Haha! High-Five Justin!


And, if the images aren't creating the "AAAAWWW" feeling within you, do check out their Stop-Motion here, maybe it relays more of the inspiring sweetness I am talking about.


Justin en Shannon,

You guys are just beautiful. I recall this day from beginning to end, and everything about this precious setting was sincere. Thank you for inspiring me! Hope this says but a little of the beauty that we enjoyed on this day. 





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