@2019 by whosannah


Oh wow! Where to start? This was one of my heart's longing dreams, getting to capture a Wedding day in one of the most beautiful valleys I had ever seen and will ever see, right here in lovely South-Africa! Kwa-Zulu Natal is closer to home than any other place I had ever visited. With green mountains that seem they go on forever the moment you breach the provincial border, I simply love everything about travelling there! The Joyride, Harrysmith stop-overs, switching over to East-Coast Radio, the weather change, and then all of a sudden you find yourself driving right trough the greenest of green towering kilometres and the bluest of majesty.. you find yourself in, what seems to be - heaven, you're smiling and getting to even just try and capture what's happening is just overwhelming...


Add two people(the bride being an old family friend - always emotionally touched when it's a little closer to home...) with the kindest of hearts and a vision of what's about to play out to be something so special, so intimate, which it absolutely was. A relationship that seems effortlessly fit to be, two people that just love being together and love being who they are because of this - where best friends belong. A quick location change, because these days you can't rely on the confused weather we are experiencing, then at just the right time, it completely seemed the sky opened and invited us for a few moments, the perfect opportunity to escape and capture a few images of the most delightful backdrop ever Created. It turned out to be perfect. 


I adored everyting about getting the opportunity to be myself this day! 



Wat 'n mooi dag, voorreg! Iets van als het op jul gewag die dag, en hoe jul dit hanteer en ingedrink het soos dit was, was vir my meer so een van die lekkerste ervarings wat ek gehad het, net te dankbaar ék kon dit met jul deel! Ek dink jul is lieflik! GENIET dit so baie, dan bou ons asseblief daai overdue pizzas binnekort!