WOW! Where to start? I LOVE travelling for Weddings, I love discovering things for the first time. And if they turn out to be this gloriously special, I am just thee happiest camper around! I went to Cheerio Gardens nestled in the amazing Magoebaskloof area on the morning of the Wedding. Right next to Haenertsburg - my first visit - and definitely a next breakaway spot! I left Gauteng and it was cold and somber, favourite weather! I was happy, but add an endless and majestic forest of all kinds of nature, and I am speechless!

Also it completely felt this venue was built for this day, for these hearts and for this celebration, because the feeling of secluded freedom - try and understand my description - is absolutly how I'd describe this beautiful bridal team. They are very reserved, but wild at heart - made my life infinitely more beautiful! I felt like a sneaky photographer following two lovebirds in their natural way of going about life - you can imagine how this looked, just hearing what it sounds like sounds weird.

"...We said so little, but we felt so much."



my woorde is min, soos julle voel ek partykeer ook om net eerder stil te staan en iets in te drink, jul inspireer my opnuut om partykeer net niks te sê nie en net stil te staan. 'n Definitiewe hoogtepunt in my jaar en ek waardeer dat ek dit kon deel.


Geniet dit!




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