@2019 by whosannah

Ian & Petro

This Bridal Couple has quite the intriguing story. And if you know me, I love an inspiring story. After 10years, to the day, (they got married on a seeminlgy odd Wednesday one late afternoon, but for many specific reasons - it being their 10 year anniversary - nothing odd about a choice born from sentiment) ...they found themselves celebrating with a few close family and friends, and what great a success they made of it! After proposing a few times, Ian patiently accepted and waited for his Petro to decide when she was ready, where she got down on her one knee and asked her best friend to spend their lives together. Of course Ian was ready... 

They got married at Papa's Real Food, in the middle of everyday hustle, this venue's effortless execution of character and OUTSTANDING food(everything is real about what they offer the tastebuds!) it was the perfect setting for a close party to celebrate their dearest friends' start of the official matrimony! Add some Latino Guru's to the mix as Live entertainment - and you basically have yourself the perfect evening.

Ian en Petro(en Duchess),

So baie dankie vir 'n ongelooflike lekker ervaring van om hierdie te kon opvang. Ek wens ek kon verduidelik wat 'n inspirasie jul is as ek kyk hoe jul mekaar hanteer en verstaan. Julle twee saam is werklik, die woord: inspirasie! Geniet so baie.

Baie Liefde