@2019 by whosannah

Jason & Casey

These two lookers got married at Tres Jolie in Muldersdrift. Tres Jolie has the ability to make you feel like you are completely taken away, when you are actually walking distance from civilisation. Of course it helps if you have beautiful people to compliment the backdrop... But if I had to say what made them even more beautiful, it would be the manner in which Jason&Casey take care of the other. They are show-stoppers in this, to me. And those are the best kinds of teams you can get!

The main event - to me - was the bridal team, and man that says a lot about this fun pair of people when they surround themselves with people like this, the lively bunch intro-danced "their" Bride down the aisle. SUCH FUN! I wish I could repeat this moment in time over and over to enjoy! Also - the Reception images might show off how true this is... 

Dearest Jason&Casey.

thank you for allowing me to enjoy your day with you, I am privileged to have had the opportunity to getting to see you enjoy and really love each other, it was a magical day, not because of the day itself, but how I can absolutely see you loving your choice each other day for the rest of time...

It was inspirational to enjoy how you treat each other, the most!