Jurie & Ninette​

Hidden, in the beautiful midst of the Mpumalanga mountains, you will find this quaint Red Barn just outside of Dullstroom. With all the natural elements covering most of the aesthetic pleasure already, this venue didn't need be all that charming, but hey, apparently it doesn't hurt... 


Not only was I in my; constant-pleased-to-smile-state because of this, these adoring hearts suite this setting beautifully, with great families that made me enjoy capturing every bittersweet moment that came my way... and they were everywhere. This couple makes me laugh... with them, just as a proper friendship should! The fun they’ll have! I also sincerely felt the love they hold for each other, with great care they treat each other like an only treasure - so inspiring.


We were expecting rain, if the weather forecast was correct, just about when the ceremony closed.. With great anxiety we waited for the Bride that appeared to be a bit late(NOT the Bride’s doing..) my thoughts were that the clouds should hold back, for those magical moments with the couple. With every passing minute we waited, the ceremony was outside under towering trees, I got sceptical, the bride arrives, and we now have 20 minutes from when the forecast claimed rain. The ceremony passes, nothing, the family photos are taken, nothing, the couple shoot start and a subtle ray of sun, lights the couple from behind through the towering trees... still nothing, the shoot goes without a drop, the evening starts and up and to the last minute of my being there - the skies were starlit and perfect. What a magnificent day!

ALSO - you missed their beautiful stop-motion, you'll want to take look here! Promise you do!


Jurie, Ninette,


ek het voorwaar julle saam, weer, baie geniet, maar selfs meer as die vriendskap tussen julle wat ek so geniet, ‘n vriendskap wat mekaar op pas en liefhet, het ek ‘n ongelooflike ervaring met julle tussen jul families geniet. Kosbare, skatlike verhoudings, wat my hart net bly het. Julle is wen!

Hoop jul geniet elke oomblik van vooraf, van die dag opgevang.



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