Martin & Xenia

Oh wow - my kinds of people... Each with inexplicable, undeserving passion for the other. The evident bond they hold in this and the first time I could see it  - was just an awe-struck moment in time for me. It is the kind of passion you wish for. It allowed for taking in everything that played out in front of me on this day with such care and delicacy. Savouring the moments as if it were something to hold for ever. It made me eager to capture it at my possible best to return to in the future - it made me glad to be alive, it made me glad to believe in capturing moments!

They got married at Imperfect Perfection in Tiegerpoort just outside Pretoria. If you have been following some of my work, you would've noticed at some point that this is my favourite Venue. With, once again, in regards to the impeccable service and care to make your day thee most picture perfect experience fit to your needs and desires as an individual Birdal Couple.

Martin and Xenia, for instance, were adamant on getting married between towering and majestic age-old trees (NOT walking distance) of the venue. And it was no challenge for Lené & Nolene - owners of Imperfect Perfection to see this become a reality. The Bridal Couple got exactly what they wanted - and how glad am I to be the one being able to experience it!

Martin, Xenia,

Ek weet jul weet dat ek dink wat jul dink - haha - eenvoudig dankbaar ons paaie het gekruis en dat ons nog tot vervelens toe gaan foto's saam neem, bietjie wyn, baie leef, finansiële state - as dit MOET, sies! Maar mag dit goed wees vir nog lank..

Baie baie Liefde



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