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Nico & Janke

One of my favourite parts of our country is when you find yourself driving to and through Mpumalanga. Not much to say when most of the year you'll pass through parts of thick mist of what seems to be another world. Not much different with this day. They got married in the far North Eastern parts of Mpumalanga at Whispering Thorns Guest Farm. I have to compliment the care to detail, if it isn't the lush kilometres of green grass that is beautifully taken care of, it is the personal touch that the owner - Marinda, put into the day, no, into every little piece of character that made this day what it was. she was hands-on through the whole of the day and at some stage I asked her if she was tired, she replied: "I don't get tired, I love what I do." Great service that I would gladly recommend.

Nico and Janke has a beautiful friendship that is evident for all that are watching. Nico has a sincere innocence about how he treats his dearest Janke and Janke obviously a constant glow because of this. If you see Nico and Janke - NOT smiling or laughing, it is because I suggested it, the rest of the time they were really that excited to be with the other!

If inspiration wasn't enough as to how they are when together, their families captured my heart instantly. I have a weak heart when it comes to families that treat each other with such love and when you can see how they are simply a group of friends with different functions. Life goal for me!

A highlight of this day to me, and my craugh moment(when I cry-laugh) was when Janke's father got to seeing her dressed and ready for the first time. He simply couldn't take his eyes off of his beautiful eldest daughter that was ready and super excited to meet her Nico at the end of the aisle. 

Nico, Janke,


Ek wil opreg dankie sê vir 'n voorbeeld van vriendskap in mekaar wat ek so geniet om te aanskou, van die eerste keer. Ek kan dink aan al die avonture wat jul saam gaan hê en dit maak my eenvoudig opgewonde oor verhouding. Jul is 'n wenspan, een van daai verhoudings waar ek waaragtig nie iemand anders aan jul sy kan indink nie. 


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