Well, to be honest I am not entirely convinced I know where to start on this one, Kosmos and its secret surroundings are familiar to Phillip, making it a special event in itself. I am always amazed and quite jealous really when couples take the initiative to make their big day this personal. Cause it regularly implies that loads of DIY’ing is needed. Well, these facts didn’t stop this - afterall - Houtlander team! Phillip owns his own Wooden Furnisher Company - do yourself a favour and have a look at some of his customized creations here.


The tables, the “underplates” - are also the guests gift - what? Yes! And all the wooden features you’ll notice... To top it off, the reception was held in Kosmos’ community hall - now come on, just think to yourself how much attention this place needed for them to create what you are looking at. Their vision was set in mind and although I am sure they sometimes wondered whether they made the right choice - they most certainly landed that vision beautifully!


And then to add to the personal touch they had his sister design every bit of stationery - I think they set the bar high for any and all DIY Weddings - and even if the decor was (which it wasn’t) a total disaster, they had the set-up executed and covered to being a crazy fun and entertaining event by their guests and the energy that went on through the night! From dance floor shenanigans to sit down burger delights, AND VEGETABLE CHIPS, I think I finished one of the tables’ bowls myself... To the coolest lightbulb lit open bar area, natural light photographers’ dream! Ah, all is well with my soul when I recall this night!


Julle twee Hollanders!

Ek is eintlik al van dag een af mal oor julle, Heloïse jou liewe hart is een van goud, jy sal nie eers verstaan hoe mooi mens jy is nie en dan kry jy vir jouself, ‘n lawwe spanmaat wat lewe net selfs mooier maak, meestal, voel ek jul vul mekaar ongelooflik goed aan en is ek so verdomp bly ek kon deel in hierdie dag, oor wie julle is, maar ook oor die besonders wat jul geskep het. 


...’n Voorreg!


Liefde liefde liefde..



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