There it is... Jan Harmsgat se Agterplaas situated in Cullinan has the perfect amount of, well, anything and everything. Janharm has the quaintest taste in decor, but if something comes alive like this, and offers your guests a feel-at-home evening because of the laid back, yet classy set-up, I think you have prepared for the perfect evening. And that it was! All the many details obviously allows for no extra fuss and hassles, come as you are. Bargain! I had an instant fall in love experience when I first laid my eyes on these walls. Any Photographers dream! If you had to look for me on the day: you'd want to look for the lady that walks around in constant wonder. 


If you want to see it come alive even more, have a look at their Stop-Motion here.


This Bridal Couple are just great together. I have to mention that their relationship hit home and made my heart all too excited for what is to come when Quinlann commended his Bride for being the reason why he wants to be a better version of himself. The inspiring love for wanting to grow and choosing one person to allow you to do so - makes for, to me, the perfect marriage. 


Quinlann en Mariska,

nou ja, wat sal ons sê? Jou dag was mooi Quinlann né? Ek is te dankbaar ek kon in hierdie deel, in alles, jul mense, jul harte, jul Venue keuse, hoe jul net doen wat ek sê - haha, dit was net lekker om geïnspireer te wees, dis al - jul maak dit so maklik om mooi te sien en ek hoop van harte ek kon AL die malste oomblikke opvang.. want daar was so baie. FEES FEES FEESTE! Dankie daarvoor!





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