@2019 by whosannah



I had the opportunity of visiting Tsékáma Lodge, a Wedding Venue somewhere in the middle of Marble Hall and Nylstroom, in Limpopo, once again - as always - amazed! There are many highlights to this Venue and how it is managed. From delectable food, not even going into the many dessert options, HUNGRY! The picturesque scene that you get to run around in create "all-smiles" all day long. But also the manner in which they run the set-up. With excellent service that I can vouch for personally!


Okay, so if that isn't enough, just add yourself fun and joyous relationships to entertain your way on through the day. HAHA, I have never laughed as much as when Ingé was getting ready, put 5 family members in one room, all female, of course, and it completely feels you are witnessing a rehearsed script of comedy! What an exciting experience to get to see people enjoy each other this much.


As with Riano and Ingé, it is a moving thing when you see a husband look at his (now)wife with such pleasure. Each time he looks at her! The friendship that these two hold are to be admired. 


You can also go have a look at their stop-motion here.


Riano& Ingé,

was nou vreeslik lekker om julle te sien wees, wees in hoe jul verhoudings met jul vriende lyk, die kosbare bande in jul families en natuurlik hoe jul bymekaar is. Ek het jul egtheid in dit baie geniet, vir myself het dit my inspireer en is oortuig jul verhouding inspireer jul nabye mense ook. GENIET MEKAAR!