@2019 by whosannah

Romano & Carla​

Okay, so I have a weakness for unpretentious people who crack me up by just being themselves. I simply want to keep them... 

No different, this Carla and Romano, had me from the first glimpse of eye contact when I arrived on their Special day. They were getting dressed in two separate rooms(I'd hope so) but with just a single room separating them, they could hear, but not see - thanks blanket - the other, smiling and laughing in conversation, so Romano bid his soon to be official bride a sweet message for everyone to hear. And I immediately knew this was going to be a fun day. With just about the right amount of nerves obviously he shouted; "Nóú raak ek nervous, maar ek kan nie meer wag nie my lief." 

They got married at Gabbata Lodge, a serene bushveld setup, quite close to Roodeplaatdam, which is perfect for a quick city escape. 

It seemed the bridal parties and the families alone, could be able to keep this party going later in the day, but add some dance floor enthusiasts as friends and you have an evening of great memories, one to be remembered. 

Romano en Carla, 
Het werklik myself gate uit geniet. Kyk, as ek 'n dansie by 'n troue inwerk(off the clock Romano, beloof...), dan was dit een vir my persoonlike boeke. Dankie dat wie jul is, soveel pret lok en ek kon deel daarin. Hoop die foto's wys niks anders nie... Onthou nou die goue reël van 45grade opkyk. Haha, nie dat een van jul dit nodig gehad het nie. 

Liefde liefde liefde