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SW & Karla​

I like these two! I think I'll keep them… ;-)

Many cliché song lyrics come to mind when I think of this night, this weekend, I’ll have to make the best of this piece of description I love to post, ‘cause I have loads to say. Let’s go with the Stop-Motion song so cleverly chosen by the couple(sentimental fit): “Ain’t nobody loves me better” And I can easily vouch that these hearts truely love their choice exclusively. There is something about a guy that isn’t afraid to express himself, this amazing groom has no trouble making his Bride feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, and her sincere heart - obviously a constant glow! WIN WIN combination!


By the way - don't miss their Stop-motion and go have a look here.


I have never and I mean never seen as much love go ‘round a room/beachfront as this. My heart was and is ecstatic to have had this opportunity, and even more to have been able to share in such an intimate celebration. They got married at Oppiduin in/just outside Lambert's Bay on the West-Coast. They chose the venue for many specific reasons, but a private beachfront will never let you down, no matter what you do! Okay, so a tequila tower that is available to all guests at all times, Waffles with endless options of toppings and a Private Band that play to your personal requests 'til 5am also helps...


I just have to add, their brilliant idea of inspiring and having their guests “hashtag” all the images they took on the day, was not only so clever - but made me wonder what I was doing there - haha, at the end of the day, I am still happy to have had, if the only reason, the time of MY life being present at something so exclusive and can only hope I captured those moments that will forever inspire them to be what they are today.


SW, Karla,

maar laat ek eerlik wees... GEEN WOORDE sal kan beskryf wat jul met my hart kom maak het nie. Ek probeer, maar is oortuig jul verstaan nie wat ek meen by die besonderse Liefde wat ek onder julle en jul hand gekose hartsmense ervaar het nie. ‘n Voorreg is ‘n eenvoudige woord, maar miskien my beste poging. Sukses!!! Dankie dat jul my deel gemaak het van die (SW: “#BESTWEDDINGEVER!”) Sien jul later vrinne!




Liefde, LIEFDE,