@2019 by whosannah

Wayne & Lelani

I'll have to start off with the fact that Wayne enjoyed telling the story when Lelani told him at one of their first "meetings" she'll never marry a "Soutie". Apparently this good-looking "Soutie" has game - 'cause this is where they are today....!

They got married at Imperfect Perfection in Tiegerpoort. They were my first Bridal Couple to say their vows in the forest, enchanting indeed! I CAN NOT get enough of this venue! And on THIS day specifically - all the service providers gathered at some stage in the evening and we couldn't praise enough that it completely felt like we were attending this Wedding, tells you a lot about people when we get an opportunity like this and we feel that Welcome!

Them being quite the fitness finatics they are, we obviously had a squat session or two during the day, this offered great laughs when the WHOLE, and I mean EVERY ATTENDEE, "Brought Sally up and brought Sally down" at least 50 times! The fun we had!

Wayne, Lelani,

ek gaan maar Afrikaans praat Wayne, sodat jy kan oefen... ;-)! DUISENDE dankies vir een van die lekkerste groep ervaringe nog. Ek het al jul gaste, en ek meen AL jul gaste so geniet en nie vir een oomblik gevoel ek was by die "werk" nie. Jul het goue mense in jul lewens en die ware woorde is duidelik gepersonifiseer by julle: Vriende vorm mekaar. Weereens - net dankie!