@2019 by whosannah

Werner​ & Mandie

This day delivered an unforgettable experience to the guests at this event. Askari Game Lodge & Spa offer the awesome experience of intimate encounters with a pack of Majestic Elephants. As if the serenity of the Bushveld isn't enough of a treat.

These families easily stole my heart by just seeing the beautiful relationships they hold. You can only imagine what happens when you throw 4 brothers in one room and have them "support" the groom-brother. All the many jokes that went around was great fun. Then there were special moments like when your brother blesses your marriage with singing you a song.. it gets harder to hold back tears when the Groom decides he wants to sing-a-long - and falls in to serenade his bride, and then... the other 2brothers take initiative to add their blessing by falling in as well - WEEP!! One of those sincere moments I will never forget.


Don't even get me started on the shenanigans that the dance floor encountered on this evening. The moment the dance floor was announced "Open' it never stopped... it seemed that if there was no such thing as time - they would probably still be dancing on...

Also, take a look at their day in Stop-Motion here.

Werner & Mandie,

dankie dat ek kon deel in jul sprokiesverhaal. Ek is vreeslik opgewonde oor julle liefde vir mekaar. Hou altyd aan om rerig vir mekaar te kyk, mekaar rerig raak te sien, soos die spikkels in Mandie se oë..;-)

Baie Liefde