Wesley & Stacey

From the "window... to the wall" in the early morn' (see the ladies break it down as if no one is watching.) To dance offs at night. From Florence Guest Farm and its ever natural way of creating new and inspiring stories to its age old love stories of love lost, but never forgotten(read the full story here.) From love letters sent around on the premises to emotional ceremonies(where you see the true love between these two when Wesley's father gets to assist him with comfort at the end of the aisle as he watches his new Bride walk towards him, "not a dry eye in the house") to even more gripping speeches of a forever love, into the night. This day was just beautiful in every way. 

Wesley and Stacey has a great bond of friendship that evolved from a "boerseun" that swept this beaut off her feet from the get go. The manner in which Wesley adores his Stacey made me one happy girl to be able to document this day. 

Wesley, Stacey, 

Thanks for being great fun and for appreciating the other as they are. I admire the manner in which you just get each other and by this illuminating what the other has to offer. You are a great fit. 

Much love


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