There you have it thee dearest pair of human beings put together, a sweet sweet Love. Two people that found the friend they can not imagine life without. Wihan and Marisa are just the kindest hearts with absolute adoration for the littlest of things, but things that matter. I grew to loving these hearts in the manner they, as her father put it: “REALLY love each other”. Love really is timeless if I get to see these two take care of being together. That is after all, how we should approach life with our “person” - taking care of each moment as if it were a preciously designed gift to cherish. Am even feeling a little bit of philosophical joy when I imagine this love in all relationships - my my, what a wonderful world! 


These champion hearts got married at the ever surprising Tsékáma Lodge, never seizing to amaze. I have to praise the manner in which they take care of each individual bride’s personal preferences. Seeing the venue for the 3rd time this year - I expected, well the expected, but man was I wrong. They took care to create a day that fit Wihan&Marisa’s hearts. AND THE FOOD... once again! Just a keeper!


Ooh Ooh, if you missed the Stop-Motion - you must not delay to have a look: here.


Lief, liewer, liefste Wihan&Marisa,

julle is onsaglike skatte om te gewaar. In jul eie mens en in jul saam wees! Ek is werklik bevoorreg om hierdie dag saam jul te kon meemaak vir baie meer as jou standaard redes. Aangeraak soos min! Ek het ‘n eenvoudige reël: jul pakkie wag hier in Rustenburg, lanks die braai... Heini braai ;-) So kom net.. haha.


Baie liefde,

tot binnekort,


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