@2019 by whosannah


There it is...


These two, their many aspiring(and inspiring) adventures that just come from being together, and the awesome weekend Celebration they put together as a perfect start to what is to come. Just about every guest gathered to start celebrating their Marriage on the Friday with bonfire burgers and excitement. What a way to invite everyone to be part of the day - and adventure, to follow, taking us away to a Game farm close to Parys, Savannah Game and River Retreat turned out to be the perfect get-away for a community of family and friends.


Willie was one of my partners in crime whilst studying Photography, many times called for this hunky friend of mine to become one of my projects, yes, my project, and since I knew what to expect, I grew even more excited when meeting his BEAUTIFUL wife. But being lookers aren't quite enough, you'll have to add the adoring love for getting to share life with the person next to you, and as that was intact as well - well, I kind of had a breeze, and LOADS of fun getting to be the one to capture all that was happening on this day. 


Just about everything about this weekend was personal, made up of the intricate details put together by family and friends and even having the privilege to have your brother Marry you... I was happy to just be part of this.


They sure know how to start a party... And I just have to add, while some people prefer not having kids at their Wedding for many understanding reasons, on this day, I can't imagine not having the Children kill the dancefloor like the ones present here...


Willie en Chynette,

Man ek sal nie eintlik die moeite doen om eers te begin poog om die lekker wat jul geskep het die naweek te verwoord nie! Al wat jul moet hoor is, vir my, dat jul 'n onvergeetlike fees hiervan gemaak het - wat onvermydelike mooi herinneringe maak en my voorreg was om vas te kon vang! Ek hoop dat jul slegs 'n bietjie kan geniet van die oomblikke soos ek het. Ek is opgewonde oor jul avonture saam! "Kid, you'll move mountains..."