@2019 by whosannah

WM & Zenelle

These absolute sweethearts got married at Imperfect Perfection. And from meeting them for the first time, I fell in love with how honestly sincere they are. BOTH are the silent types and being quite the expressive person that I am, it was a fun experience to gesture and expect all the many ideas I have in my head with sometimes just a hand gesture. To me - that is exactly what describes them best, the manner in which I wanted to treat them with all the respect I know to give - they are soft spoken and sincere, sweet and kind! Some of the many things in life about people that just make me HAPPY! 

Of course(I will never be able to stop praising Imperfect perfection) Lenè and her team nailed it again, from the decor, sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity! With natural(and I physically mean - NATURE, beautiful plants) greens and white as their main theme - it just screamed CLASSY!

To the heart that goes into serving the Bridal Team each second of the day...

Furthermore, the guests were just delightful, and the families offered a welcoming heart as well - all and all - such a beautifully planned and privileged-to-be-part-of day!


Net dankie vir die mooiste harte, julle is ryk in hoe jul mekaar(en die res van mensdom bygesê...) sag, so gaaf, hanteer en as ek WM op 'n foto sien vir jou kyk Zenelle, dan besef ek die respek waarmee jul jul verhouding benader gaan mooi stories maak! Dankie vir die geleentheid!